Custom made retro themed fan-wear and accessories

Greetings from Patchville; or what I call my sewing domain. My name is Shannon Patch; I’m the one-woman band behind this machine called Retro Dynamite (and the person typing this). I’m so excited to welcome you to my store, which showcases my retro themed fan wear and accessories.

I’ve always had a love of sewing since I was a child. I would watch my mother sew and create projects for friends and family and that rubbed off on me. Initially as a teenager, I made my own costumes and clothes that I couldn’t afford. When I got into Anime I started noticing there wasn’t a market for girly themed fan wear. This is when I started creating my own dresses repurposing shirts. Later, I took my creations to Anime Cons and shows and movies like Doctor Who, Star Wars and Bob’s Burgers inspired the expansion of my line. The more I travelled and met other creators the more ideas began to flow.

Every time I make a dress or custom order, I make sure and take the extra time to make it one of the best pieces of clothing you don't want to EVER take off! I love what I do and I want to make sure you love what comes out of Retro Dynamite LLC!

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